Pet ownership does come with costs which every responsible pet owner has to bear. Your pet may be happy and healthy but this does not mean that medical care is not necessary. It is not just about injuries and illnesses. There are many costs associated with preventing diseases that a pet owner has to pay during the course of your fur kid’s life. If you truly love your pet, you will want to give him or her the best quality of life as possible and this does come with veterinary costs.


While the NSPCA holds vaccination drives throughout the country, this is largely reserved for pet owners who do not have the disposable income to immunise their pets at a private vet. Pet owners who earn above a certain income level will have to pay for pet care at their local NSPCA office. However, these vaccination drives may not always be at a convenient time and location for you and your pet should not have to wait for their routine vaccinations.

The cost of vaccinating puppies and kittens can range from R200 to R500 (2020 rates) although some private veterinary practitioners could charge slightly more. If you do vaccinate your pet then there is the risk of disease like Parvo or rabies. Treatment for the Parvo virus can be over R10,000 while euthanasia can cost you R1,000 to R2,000 or even more. It is not just the financial cost. The emotional toll it can have on you from losing a pet should also be considered, and it could have been prevented with routine immunisation.

Vet Care

Any illness or injury can befall your pet. Consider that your vet’s consultation rates can be around R300 to R500 per visit, x-rays for bigger dogs may reach R2,000 and then there is medication which can run into the hundreds if not thousands of rands. Hospitalisation for a few days could easily climb up to R2,000 to R4,000 and then there is after care and management which may require frequent vet visits and ongoing medication.

Chronic diseases can affect any pet but is more likely to occur as your pet gets older. You would not want to see your pet suffer and this will require ongoing management, ranging from vet visits to chronic medication. You can expect a regular bill every month or two of a few hundred or thousand rands. Your dog or cat may still live for many years with a chronic disease and this cost can take a financial toll on you as the pet owner.

Cover for Pet Vet Costs

If you have the financial ability to afford these possible pet costs then your pet is fortunate. However, it can be expensive and there is a more sensible way to fund your pet’s care. Pet insurance is affordable cover that will ensure your pet will get the medical care they need when the time arises. From less than R100 per month, your pet or pets will be covered for associated healthcare costs, from veterinary visits and routine checks to accident cover and even kennel fees.